Basic Hand Strengthening Exercises

Hands are one of the important parts of the body which are best maintained through hand strengthening exercises. These exercises are important because of the various activities that hands are involved in on a daily basis. The activities are varied depending on the lifestyle that an individual and can either be mild or strenuous.  Therefore, it is important to incorporate hand strengthening exercises on a daily basis to make sure that the hands are always in good condition.

Advantages of doing hand strengthening exercises

Hand strengthening exercises have a lot of benefits that can sometimes be realized only when they are done on a regular basis. Some of the most common benefits of these hand exercises include:

  • The exercises promote the coordination as well as balance of the hands.
  • The range of the motion of the hands and their dexterity also increases.
  • In case the hands are injured, these strengthening exercises help in recovery.
  • Wrist mobility is also improved when these exercises are done regularly.
  • Damage to the hands as well as arms is also prevented when hand strengthening exercises are done.
  • Diseases such as the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome can be easily prevented using these exercises.

Reasons for hand strengthening exercises

Hand strengthening exercises are generally done to be able to strengthen the muscles, bones, ligaments and nerves in the hands. However, this is not always the case as there are times when doctors may recommend hand exercises to strengthen the hands after an injury. These hand strengthening exercises for individuals with a recovering hand are meant to bring it back to its previous functions with no pain at all. Therefore, it is important to seek medical attention as soon as a hand injury takes place to avoid any more damage.

Exercises to strengthen the hands are also very good for individuals suffering from arthritis as they help ease the symptoms of the disease. The disease is known to affect the joints in the fingers and may spread to other parts of the body and if not treated earlier, may be quite uncomfortable for the person.

Types of hand strengthening exercises

Exercises for strengthening the hands are varied and can be done by individuals of different ages and whose hands are involved in different activities on a daily basis. There are general hand and wrist strengthening exercises that can be done on a regular basis and they include:

  • Fist flex – This hand exercise involves the clenching of the hand into a fist with the thumb outside. In the beginning, the hands need to be upright and fingers apart before they are drawn into a fist.
  • Thumb circles – For this hand exercise to be effectively done, the hands should be in a “thumbs up” position. The thumbs are then rotated in circular motions before the direction is switched every few seconds.
  • Modeling clay – This is one of the hand strengthening exercises for kids that help them build strength in their muscles especially when it comes to gripping. Adults with weak hands due to injury or even disease can also strengthen the hands in recovery.
  • Hand gripping – This is an intermediate hand strengthening exercises for guitar players who use their wrists and fingers to play for long hours. The most important tool used is a hand grip that helps to the hands to be strong as well as flexible.

Hand strengthening exercises are not only advantageous for the hands but for overall body health as well. Try these exercises now and see the difference that it makes to your life.